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Selection Criteria

Our selection criteria are explained below. The more of these questions we can answer positively, the more likely a tool is to be featured. We try to be objective but there is always a subjective element to deciding what we think is the best, most interesting set of tools each week:

  • Is this interesting and useful to developers?
  • Is there a self-service signup?
  • Would this form part of a daily-use set of developer tools?
  • Does it make me a better developer?
  • Does it solve a problem I have experienced? How well does it solve it?
  • Would this be used by advanced, power-users?
  • Is the tool high quality?
  • Does it do the job it claims?
  • Does it have a good graphical and/or command line interface? Shortcuts? Accessibility?
  • Is it being actively maintained with regular bug fixes and updates?
  • Does it have good documentation? Is it fast?
  • Does it have any negative impact on security or privacy?
  • How would I feel recommending this to my friends? Would I tweet a link to it?
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