The best website monitoring tools for developers

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Last updated: 2021-09-17

From 2009-2018 David was CEO at Server Density, a SaaS monitoring startup. He has been a developer for 15+ years and is now co-founder of Console.

✦ Disclosure: All reviews are editorially independent and partners must meet our selection criteria. Where indicated, we work with some partners to provide extras to our audience, but do not accept payment for reviews.

The best website monitoring tools have multiple check types such as HTTP(S), DNS, TCP and SMTP, configurable check frequency, check locations around the world, the ability to build multi-step transaction monitoring tests (also known as synthetic monitoring), and advanced alerting so you can be notified via different channels when your website or API goes down.

We tested 13 website monitoring services using our independent selection criteria. The best website monitoring tools for developers and devops engineers in 2021 are:

  1. Datadog
  2. Uptrends
  3. Checkly
  4. Site24x7
  5. New Relic
  6. Uptime
  7. RapidSpike

In this article, we explain why. We assessed the key features all monitoring tools should have from the perspective of an experienced developer or devops engineer. This means focusing on sophisticated alerting, multiple check types and the ability to execute checks frequently (every 5 minutes is too slow!).

We think that website monitoring products must include some form of transaction monitoring, also called synthetic monitoring. This is because most websites and applications include multi-step flows that are critical to the operation of the service and they cannot be tested with just basic website monitoring. Synthetic monitoring allows tests to simulate a real user clicking on items, filling out forms and performing other steps in the flow.

We also reviewed product APIs and checked to see if the web UI has dark mode! As a developer I would expect dark mode in all the tools I use, especially a monitoring service I could potentially need to access when it alerts me in the middle of the night! Some services even support configuration in Terraform.

Best website monitoring tools

We reviewed 13 website monitoring tools. The best is: Datadog. We also liked Uptrends and Checkly.