Console Zero

As part of our mission to help developers find the best tools, we regularly speak to early stage startups. Whilst it has never been easier to get started writing code, it has never been harder to reach developers.

We can help with that.

Console has a large audience of experienced developers who trust us to provide recommendations about the tools they should try out. We’re working with advertising partners to reach that audience, but we are also investing in early stage startups that meet our selection criteria to help build the next generation of developer tools. If we’d feature the tool in the newsletter, we’d also consider investing.

Through our separate, independent legal entity, Console Zero, and led by Console co-founder, David Mytton, we are already an investor in multiple early stage startups in Europe and US.

Our pitch is that through the Console audience we can help you find your first users and launch your product to the world. With our years of experience running venture backed startups building software products for technical audiences, we can bring a deep practical understanding of the needs of experienced developers.

We believe that the age of the developer is only just getting started. The massive growth in software development has been mirrored by an equally massive growth in the market for developer tools.

So if you’re building something that would be a fit for our audience get in touch.