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This is the content of the newsletter sent on 6 Oct 2022.


Coherence – Integrated dev platform.

Open Props – Open CSS vars.

La Terminal – SSH client for iOS.

ClickHouse Cloud – Analytics database.

postgres-wasm – Full Postgres in the browser.

CasaOS – Home cloud OS.

Fang – Background task queue.

PlatformaticDB – APIs from DB schemas.

Interesting tools

Each week we review 2-3 of the most interesting developer tools. Here's what we featured this week. View the full archive.


Integrated dev platform.

What we like: Manage CI/CD, seed data, dev preview environments, and prod infrastructure from a single config file. Makes it easy to spin up new feature branches with duplicate infrastructure in separate cloud projects. Provides VS Code web instances for cloud-based dev against fully configured environments. Supports custom VS Code/vim/emacs configs.

What we don't like: Cloud support limited to AWS and GCP. Assumes you’re using GitHub - GitLab + Bitbucket support on the roadmap.

✦ Sponsored: All reviews are editorially independent, and partners must meet our selection criteria.

Open Props

Open CSS vars.

What we like: Framework agnostic CSS variables with minimalist styling for all HTML elements. Includes dark+light mode. Supports CSS, PostCSS, JSON, or props as Javascript. Covers colors, gradients, typography, animations, media queries, and masks. Available via NPM, CDN, or CLI. Open source.

What we don't like: Docs don’t provide quick “get started” examples, although the GitHub repo has example commands for generating output e.g. PostCSS files or minimized bundles.

La Terminal

SSH client for iOS.

What we like: Native (Swift) terminal emulation and SSH client for iPhone/iPad. Generate device specific keys stored in the secure enclave (or sync keys + settings over iCloud). Store a series of commands as snippets for easy execution. Built-in session keepalive via an agent or Tmux. Lots of themes. Env vars. PowerShell for Windows hosts.

What we don't like: Obviously iPhone/iPad only. You can choose the theme, but not customize it.

New betas & early release programs

We also include some of the more interesting beta and early access releases. Here's the ones we featured this week. View the live list on Beta Console.

ClickHouse Cloud

Analytics database.
SaaS, Open access


Full Postgres in the browser.
Open Source, Open access


Home cloud OS.
Open Source, Open access


Background task queue.
Developer Tools
Open Source, Open access


APIs from DB schemas.
Open Source, Open access