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This is the content of the newsletter sent on 4 Aug 2022.


Stellate – GraphQL caching & analytics.

multi-gitter – Run scripts across Git repos.

Remix – Frontend framework.

Lyra – In-memory full text search.

Stashpad – Developer scratchpad.

Gum – Glamorous shell scripts.

krunvm – microVMs from OCI images.

Interesting tools

Each week we review 2-3 of the most interesting developer tools. Here's what we featured this week. View the full archive.


GraphQL caching & analytics.

What we like: Config is defined in a TS|JS|YML file in your code repo. Query caching is automatic, but can be made smarter by syncing the schema (via CLI or CI). Fine-grained cache rules per type or field. Cache invalidation can be based on TTL or mutations. Supports query batching without any server-side changes.

What we don't like: There are some size limits to be aware of e.g. 40KB maximum query size and 10MB response cache limit. Empty responses are also not cached. No support for rate limits.


Run scripts across Git repos.

What we like: Simple CLI to run scripts across multiple Git repos or all repos in an org. Can run a shell script or run code through a runtime e.g. Python or node. Clones the repo, runs the script, then submits a PR with the changes. Can run against branches. All configurable e.g. PR title and description. Open source.

What we don't like: Requires some kind of Git host - GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, BitBucket.


Frontend framework.

What we like: Builds on standard web APIs e.g. Fetch and Form rather than custom implementations. Clear separation between client and server with strong preference for server-side rendering. Progressive enhancement - JS not required. Performance focused by only reloading what has changed. TypeScript by default. Accessibility built in.

What we don't like: Some libraries / modules don’t work where they assume they run in the browser or a full Node environment. There are workarounds, but this can be a constraint.

New betas & early release programs

We also include some of the more interesting beta and early access releases. Here's the ones we featured this week. View the live list on Beta Console.


In-memory full text search.
Open Source, Open access


Developer scratchpad.
Developer Tools
Desktop, Open access


Glamorous shell scripts.
Developer Tools
Open Source, Open access


microVMs from OCI images.
Open Source, Open access