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Each week we pick out the most interesting tools for developers. We keep track of everything - dev tools, devops, cloud, and APIs - so you don’t have to. This is the content of the newsletter sent on 13 May 2021.

Interesting tools


Collaborative Jupyter notebooks

What we like: Google Docs-style real-time sharing / editing. Detects dependencies, prompts for pip install and updates requirements.txt. Running the Jupyter environment in the cloud saves hassle installing kernels locally. Integrates with git. Public links. Supports Python & R.

What we don't like: Visualizations are custom HTML embeds when exported to Jupyter notebook format - better to embed something like Plotly in code to ensure portability.


No-build, small JS framework.

What we like: No dependencies. No build step. Very small (~400 LoC vDOM, ~100 LoC state management, ~230 LoC HTML helpers). Works with async components. Web tutorial does a good job explaining how it works (built using itself).

What we don't like: No router. Great for very simple SPAs, but something like Mithril.js (or Vue. Or Svelte) probably needed for anything of significance (if you don’t mind the build step).

New betas & early release programs

Docusaurus 2

Developer docs framework.

• Developer Tools • Open Source • Open access

ProcMon for Linux

Syscall tracing.

• DevOps • Open Source • Open access

Hanami 2.0

Web framework for Ruby.

• Developer Tools • Open Source • Open access

Lens 5 Beta

Kubernetes IDE.

• DevOps • Desktop • Open access