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Each week we pick out the most interesting tools for developers. We keep track of everything - dev tools, devops, cloud, and APIs - so you don’t have to. This is the content of the newsletter sent on 8 Apr 2021.

Interesting tools


Fast, typo-tolerant search engine.

What we like: Single binary (C++) runs natively on Linux and macOS. Tunable ranking for relevancy score tie-breaks. Sort at query-time without additional indexes. Scoped API keys. InstantSearch.js adapter. REST API with clients for JS, PHP, Python, Ruby. Open source + cloud option.

What we don't like: Need to build your own index updater mechanism to process new data. API-only means you need to build your own UI/admin. Only supports Latin-based languages.


Webhook infrastructure as a service.

What we like: Offering webhooks is actually more complex than you'd expect. Diahook deals with signing requests, queueing, retries, reliability, auth, E2E encryption, rate limiting, logs and debugging.

What we don't like: You need to send your events to Diahook, which means you still need to ensure they get there (retries, debugging, etc).

New betas & early release programs

Nothing of note this week. We only feature the most interesting 2-3 beta releases you should actually check out. In the meantime, have a look at our live list of every developer tool and early access release.