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A weekly digest of the best developer tools. We keep track of everything - dev tools, devops, cloud, and APIs - so you don't have to. This is the content of the newsletter sent on 23 Sep 2021.

Interesting tools

Each week we review 2-3 of the most interesting developer tools. Here's what we featured this week. View the full archive.


Smarter cd for your terminal.

What we like: Ranking algorithm means it usually guesses which path you mean so you can navigate common long paths without typing them all out. Multi-platform options for installing. Includes an fzf-powered interactive mode. Integrations available for Emacs, Ranger, Neovim. Zsh autocomplete available.

What we don't like: Years of muscle memory using cd means you probably want to alias it to zoxide. Renamed paths can confuse the history - need to edit the DB to update them.

HTTP Toolkit

Intercept, mock, rewrite HTTP requests.

What we like: Auto connects to Brave, Firefox, Chrome, terminal, Android, Edge or acts as a generic proxy. Inspect all HTTP requests. Create rules (match on regex, URL, host, JSON, headers), intercept and rewrite - pause requests to manually edit them, time out, transform, forward to different hosts or return fixed responses. Open source.

What we don't like: No support for Safari, iOS or Docker (on the roadmap). No free trial for pro features like import/export HAR, more advanced rules, mock API templates, etc.

New betas & early release programs

We also include some of the more interesting beta and early access releases. Here's the ones we featured this week. View the live list on Beta Console.


Data IDE.

• Data Science • Open Source • Open access


Serverless database for Jamstack.

• Database • SaaS • Closed access


Functional programming language that compiles to JS.

• Developer Tools • Open Source • Open access


Framework for code review processes.

• Developer Tools • SaaS • Open access