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A weekly digest of the best developer tools. We keep track of everything - dev tools, devops, cloud, and APIs - so you don't have to. This is the content of the newsletter sent on 21 Oct 2021.

Interesting tools

Each week we review 2-3 of the most interesting developer tools. Here's what we featured this week. View the full archive.


Open source immutable database.

What we like: Can be used as a database server or as a library. Acts as a k/v store or can be queried using SQL. Storage agnostic - can even be S3. Built-in Prometheus endpoint. Can disable synchronous indexing to increase performance. Supports PostgreSQL wire protocol. Interesting use case as a secondary database for cryptographic verification of the primary.

What we don't like: Only Go SDK is fully developed - others still in progress. No replication or hot backup support yet.


Makes JSON greppable.

What we like: Supports input from a file, URL or stdin so it can be piped to grep and properly searched. Allows the full path to be revealed. Colorizes output. Easily diff sets of JSON. ungron reverses the conversion, so you can pipe grep results back to JSON. Cross-platform binaries available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

What we don't like: You could just use jq which has more features, but it assumes you know more about your JSON data structure. gron is deliberately simple and grep is well known.


Git tools for repo visualization and navigation.

What we like: Allows you to move between stacks of commits without using branches. `git move` is implemented in-memory so is faster than `git rebase`, which works on-disk. Interactive `git undo` command helps fix commits, merges, rebases, checkouts and branches. Smartlog command visualizes work without branches (unlike `git log --graph`).

What we don't like: No release binaries - must be installed (and compiled) with Rust’s cargo. Not designed to handle untracked files.

New betas & early release programs

We also include some of the more interesting beta and early access releases. Here's the ones we featured this week. View the live list on Beta Console.


Static analysis for CI/CD.

• Developer Tools • Desktop • Open access

CockroachDB Serverless

Horizontally scalable cloud relational database.

• Database • SaaS • Open access

Nomad 1.2

Container orchestrator.

• DevOps • Open Source • Open access

React Preview

Preview React components in your IDE.

• Developer Tools • Desktop • Open access


Identity management platform.

• Security • Open Source • Open access