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Console’s mission is to help developers do their best work. Whether reviewing the best tools in our devtools newsletter, interviewing technical experts on our podcast or investing in early-stage developer-first startups, Console has grown to be a trusted, independent resource for experienced developers.

Console Co-founders:
David Mytton & Max Jennings.

David Mytton
Max Jennings

David Mytton is CEO of Console. In 2009, he founded and was CEO of Server Density, a SaaS cloud monitoring startup acquired in 2018 by edge compute platform, StackPath. He is also researching sustainable computing in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, and has been a developer for 15+ years.

Max Jennings has 20+ years tech experience scaling and investing in start-ups with extensive product and marketing experience. Previous start-ups he co-founded have been acquired by Retailmenot Inc, Expedia and GCAP Media. Most recently he co-founded popular family app Hoop, chosen by Apple as App of the Year twice.

What we do

We spend all day every day immersed in the world of development and bring years of experience to understanding the needs of experienced developers. It’s our job to do the filtering, so developers can stay up-to-date with the tools, technologies, services, and places to work that matter, and focus on what they do best. Building.

Console Devtools Newsletter

Console started in early-2021 as a weekly newsletter for experienced developers to discover the best tools and beta releases. Now at 28k subscribers, 77% with >5 years coding experience, we continue to review the best developer tools, track the latest beta and early access releases, profile interesting companies, interview technical experts on our podcast, and connect our audience to the people behind the code.

We pride ourselves on being transparent in our editorial approach and have strict selection criteria for everything we review. All potential partners who wish to sponsor a review must meet our selection criteria before we will work with them. Partners are able to choose the date of their review, which will appear first in the newsletter, but they do not get to influence or even read the review before it is published.

Devtools investing

Our CEO, David, is an active angel investor in early-stage startups where developers are the primary user. If we'd recommend it to the developers subscribed to the newsletter, we'd also consider investing.

Most of our investments are in the US, but we have >30 investments all over the world.

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If you spot (or are working on) something you think we should know about, or want to work with us, reach out:

Our company

Console Ltd is registered in England and Wales at 60 Grays Inn Road, GI 404, London, WC1X 7RJ, UK.