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Anti-fraud SDK.

Our review

What we like

Drop-in JS, Go, Java, or NodeJS SDK for automating anti-fraud, bot detection, account takeover protection, and device verification. Supports client- and/or server- side integrations to protect frontend and backend endpoints. Can connect to third-party services for additional sources of intelligence. Trigger challenge responses like MFA or ID checks.

What we don't like

SDK supports a limited number of backend languages. UI has no dark mode.

Reviewed: 2023-03-09

Developer Interview

With Patrick Teague, CTO


What is Dodgeball? Why did you build it?

Dodgeball is a single integration for managing fraud and malicious user behavior on any application. Dodgeball protects applications by tracking visitors (this is optional) and by executing checkpoints at key moments of risk, such as account opening, login, and payments.

It doesn't stop at just those use cases – you can use a checkpoint to secure anything, so anytime you're developing a new feature for any sort of product, particularly two-sided marketplaces, you can put in a checkpoint to address risk that might evolve over time. A classic use-case is when a fraudster comes in and starts posting stuff on your platform, which decreases trust and safety in your platform, and you need a way to secure that for a two-sided marketplace, and put in a checkpoint. You can start adding in things like IDV, do MFA for helping to prevent account takeovers, without needing to make a single line of code change.

Our mission is to make it a no-brainer for every company to protect their applications from fraud. You can integrate it into your application in 5 minutes, it's free for startups, and well-documented. We believe if we can make it easy for companies to increase trust and safety on their platforms, by extension we can make the world a safer and more trusting place.

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