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Stacked PRs & merge queue.

Git tools
Our review

What we like

CLI & GUI to make submitting stacked Pull Requests easy. Auto-restack makes rebasing main into multiple branches a single command. Submit PRs and request reviews from the CLI. Trigger the merge queue from a GitHub tag which handles rebasing, status checks, and then merging sequential PRs with no interaction.

What we don't like

Shifting into a trunk-based model is quite a shift in mindset if you’re not used to a single PR per commit. GitHub only.

Reviewed: 2024-01-11

Engineering Profile

Modern code review.

Graphite is an open-source CLI and a code review dashboard built for engineers who want to write and review smaller pull requests, stay unblocked, and ship faster.

What are some recent examples of interesting development challenges?

Displaying massive pull requests used to crush the front-end react rendering performance. Interactivity, like dragging comment selections and unfurling files, caused heavy lag. In response, we built custom virtualization (also referred to as ‘windowing’) into pull request files. This way, Graphite only renders lines of code visible in the viewport. The result is fewer total DOM nodes and render performance that’s fast enough for smooth interactivity.

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