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Notepad for developers.

Text editors
Our review

What we like

Developer focused log-style entry note format makes it quick to add time stamped notes as you’re working on things. Keyboard optimized, with optional vim keybindings. Tiny mode can float on top of all your other windows for easy access to manage notes. Attach code, images or make notes todo items. Use offline or with cloud sync. Markdown formatting.

What we don't like

Notes stored in a database on-disk, but can be exported to JSON. Theme doesn’t switch based on system settings (have to manually toggle dark or light mode).

Reviewed: 2023-04-20

Developer Interview

With Cara Borenstein, CEO


What is Stashpad and why did you build it?

Stashpad is a notepad. I’m a software engineer, and I set out to create tools to help other developers like me to work better and enjoy their work. I started with some ideas, little things I thought could be better, but when I really dug into it and started to sit next to other developers as they were working, what I saw is that there are a couple of apps that developers pretty much always have up on their screen. They have their code editor, a browser, Slack, and then there's a notepad. All of the other tools except the notepad have gotten a ton of investment, but the notepad is often just a plain text file – it's super bare bones. When I saw that, I realized, "Oh, that's actually how I manage all my work and process my thoughts related to work. It's so important and it hasn't been thought about in this way." And so, we set out to reimagine the notepad for developers like us.

Stashpad is better than just a text editor in two ways. The first is that it has all the features that developers would expect of any tool. It has markdown support, dark theme or light theme. You can customize any of the key bindings, and it's very keyboard centric. It has code block support with lots of different languages, code syntax highlighting, all those things that you expect as a developer.

And then, to me, where it gets even more interesting is that, as a professional software developer you often have to jump around different tasks. There’s deep-focus work, but also a lot of context switching. That's just a necessary evil. Stashpad is specifically designed to let you jump across those different threads and jot things down, compartmentalized, such that you never get too disorganized and always feel pretty good about where you're at.

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