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Continuous documentation.

Our review

What we like

Enables code to live where it belongs - alongside code (in Markdown). Auto-syncs as you refactor, rename, move code around. Comments on PRs when docs break. Supports Mermaid syntax for diagramming. IDE extensions (VS Code, JetBrains) reveal docs in-context with code. Editor supports dark mode.

What we don't like

Need to edit the docs using their editor (or the Markdown directly). In-IDE doc authoring is on the roadmap.

Reviewed: 2023-01-19

Developer Interview

With Gilad Navot, CPO


What is Swimm? Why did you build it?

First, we help you discover documents with our IDE plugins. While you write or read code, you will see the Swimm icon, which tells you that you have a rich text document about this piece of code.

Second, we help you sync those documents and keep them up to date. If you integrate Swimm into your CI, we check every PR and see if you’ve broken any documentation. If your change was meaningful, we will stop and say, "Hey, there's documentation about this part. Maybe you should review it." If it's not meaningful, like changing file names, moving code around, and even replacing whole chunks of code (we have a patented algorithm to detect that), we can Auto-sync it for you and say, "We’ve got you covered, your documents are up to date.”

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